Welcome to Format My Fuzzy CSV

How to use this application

You will upload a products csv file you got from your wholesaler. Each line in the csv file should correspond to one variant.

Then you will enter some information about the data so the application formats your file to be Shopify ready.


About Format My Fuzzy CSV

Format My Fuzzy CSV is a completely FREE tool that formats your CSV files you received from wholesalers into a format acceptable by Shopify bulk product import.

The data you upload is transient. The data only persists in our servers while the formatting is in progress. After the formatting is done or abandoned, the data is completely wiped out from the memory.

If you encounter problems with any particular data set, please send us an email from the Contact link below. Your feedback is very important to us to continually improve our service.

This web service is not affliated with or associated with Shopify. This web service is an independent tool that aims to help people who own online stores on Shopify and would like to sell merchandise from wholesalers.


Please send us comments, feedbacks, or feature requests. Bug reports of data from wholesaler CSV not being grouped together correctly especially appreciated.